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Un foro en base al sistema de juego de rol diseñado y desarrollado por Fernando Pajares, a.k.a. Hombre Concha.
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 Sneak Peak

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MensajeTema: Sneak Peak   Mar Feb 23, 2010 10:27 am

Uno de mis contactos en Super Genius Games me ha dado un pequeño preview de su proximo producto Loot for Less: All you need is Gloves (el cual obviamente sera un libro sobre items baratos para las manos). Aqui esta.

Sucker Puncher
Aura: Faint necromancy; CL 1st
Slot: hands; Price: 2,000 gp, Weight: -

These leather gloves have metal studs over their knuckles, and large cuffs that constantly shift and move. The gloves look ready to fall off at any moment, despite remaining snugly fit to their wearer.

When wearing these gloves you can deliver a special melee touch attack as a
standard action against foes you are flanking or who have been denied their
Dexterity bonus to AC. On a successful attack, you force the target to suffer a -1d3 penalty to all melee attack and damage rolls. This penalty lasts 1 minute.
Although you can strike a target multiple times with these gloves, and the
penalties granted stack, the total penalty they suffer can never be greater than -3. The special touch attack you make with these gloves cannot be combined with any other attack.

Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, ray of enfeeblement; Cost: 1,000 gp.


-Some man wish to conquer the world, some want to conquer the universe, and some want to conquer the multiverse. But you should truly fear those who want to RAPE the multiverse- Butch O´Rappe
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